Shaping Organisations

Stand out from the competition and have that winning edge.

PMCDE Limited specialises in shaping organisations by stretching for growth and success from within. Our organisational shaping services offer a proven record of success with clear objectives, streamlined business solutions, efficient working processes and a culture of positive change in your workforce.

Our hands-on ethos is to work as part of your team to create change management concepts and shape your organisation not only for the better, but one that fits with your style of business. Read more


PMCDE takes good ideas and turns them into business success through our interim management solutions supported by change management. We provide nationally recognised Housing interim and transformational mangement as well as change solutions to a variety of other sectors both public and private. We cover every facet of an organisational make up which can be of various types and takes into consideration scale, impact, time and environmental factors. To change an organisational structure and embed positive ideas to create improvement you have to work from the very core of an organisation. Our highly experienced change and interim management consultant's work alongside your teams to inspire streamlined work practices that are flexible, cost effective and pragmatic. At PMCDE we make a commitment to provide creative and inspiring bespoke solutions to positively change your organisation from within. Read more

Our road to Excellence

What makes an Excellent Company? We all have a perception of excellence, and what may be perceived as 'an excellent organisation' by one person, may not be by another. Excellence does not come from some magical event; it takes patience, nurturing, risk and planning. To us ones focus should be less on the winning post and more on the preparation to reach that winning post, and then keep on going...

At PMCDE we engage with companies on a number of facets relating to excellence. We carefully review the best business-led solutions in which to implement these core skills and work alongside you to reach the required goals.

Excellence to us is who we are and what we deliver, what makes us excellent is our desire to get the job done and support our clients in the journey. Read more Read more

Delivering Change and Interim Management

Our Philosophy

business growth through change

We provide consultancy for Organisations based on their future environments rather than on practices or solutions that belong in the past. Change should be about evolution through creativity and innovation and a cultural desire to achieve excellence and pride within the working environment.

Our Mission

PMCDE Limited strives to provide our clients with solutions with high impact results that are sustainable and effective and at prices that they can afford.

Our Company

Our passion is the development of organisations who wish to achieve recognition as the best of the best. Our vision is to meet your organisations potential. Our company is a partner in bringing your vision into reality.

Our change consultants at PMCDE Limited are specialists within a number of sectors who bring a new focus to change management based on an extensive understanding of change within a business context. We provide problem solving techniques which harness the potential for growth and then implement a framework for success.

Interim Housing Consultancy

Leading national experts within both strategic and operational housing from providing interim management to large scale transformations. From radical service changes, procurement, implementation of full IT solutions to customer journey mapping we provide a one stop shop.

Our Capabilities - 25 years of experience

Experience - All our consultants are experienced business managers who bring positive changing techniques that are specifically tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Knowledge - We are continuously researching and learning innovative theories in change as well as how the UK sector is developing within its business requirements.

Rapid - We are enablers of quick change environments.

Sustainability - We will develop your processes and people to deliver efficiencies and business excellence.

Our Learning Culture

Our consultants are learning agents meaning that we strive for a greater understanding of change theories and seek global solutions for business and organisational success. There is no reason or boundaries that prevent innovation

PMCDE Business Events

Leadership Training

Richard Kitson of PMCDE former Chief Executive of Aster and ex-president of the Chartered Institute of Housing delivered a training session on leadership within Housing Repairs and Investment on the 20th January 2012 for both Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing and Whitefriars Housing Association.

A full programme was delivered a sample of some of the areas covered were:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Key priorities
  • Managing Risk
  • Planning
  • Understanding Behaviours
  • Leadership Truths

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  • Delivering Change Management

    Organisations that simply react to external environments cannot achieve a sustainable vision. Ones that innovate and seek to renew themselves and do things differently will have a strong legacy that will make business sustainable and thrive in competitive markets.

  • Nurturing and encouraging growth

    All our business solutions are tailored specifically to your organisations needs. Our hands-on ethos is paramount to understanding how your teams work from within. We maintain a professional, but personalised, approach to ensure we cover every aspect of your business processes.

  • Developing teamwork promoting change

    At PMCDE we believe that we excel in nurturing individual talent but our focus has and always will be in creating dynamic teams that drive organisations across the winning post.

  • Putting the zest back  in your business

    Once PMCDE Limited implements your own winning formula you will find that success becomes a habit.