Our Road to Excellence

We at PMCDE Limited believe that excellence is doing things extraordinarily well

PMCDE the road to excellence

PMCDE Limited was formed on one core value, and it remains our most important quality today, that of our culture.

In its beginnings we wanted a company where all consultants and directors wanted to be a part of, a company that excelled at creativity and innovation. Our passion for our own company has grown to where we are today and has even attracted former clients to be part of our experienced team. Our personalised approach with clients rewards us with 50% repeat works and 100% recommendations. We have a winning business and we have a winning team.

We are inevitably a learning organisation where we strive for knowledge and best practices so that our clients will be assured of the fact that their problems will be transferred into creative solutions through PMCDE Limited.

We have excellent relationships with national suppliers of technology, goods and materials that in turn benefit all our clients.

Our Promises:

"We have worked with PMCDE Limited in at least three different customer projects, where Richard has acted for the customer as project manager. In all cases, we have been impressed with his professionalism and use of project management techniques. He has particular strengths in getting all parties working together for the common objective of a successful project. As a supplier, we have always found him to be fair and he pays great attention to communication. We would be happy to work with PMCDE Limited again"
David Todd - Chief Executive of XMbrace


We have worked with Xmbrace on numerous projects as well as other suppliers such as Panasonic, First Touch, Cognito, Kirona and Fugitsu to name but a few. From full Housing IT solutions, complete mobile working, scheduling, void and gas systems to that of call centre designs. Many of our projects have been used for case studies for project excellence.

We have additionally worked on supplier contracts including mobile phones, training to building suppliers.

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